Moving Checklist

1 Week Before Moving

  • Fill the car up with gas. Check the fluids in your engine. Check the air in your tires.
  • Pack a “survival kit” of clothes, medication, special foods, toiletries and cosmetics to get you through moving day.
  • Pack “getting settled boxes” of clothes, bedding, towels, medication, dinnerware, special foods, pet food, toiletries, office products and detergents to get you through your first week in your new home. Make sure the boxes are clearly labeled and put into the moving van last.
  • Order your traveler’s checks.
  • Pack your suitcase. If flying, make sure you have your tickets.
  • Finish packing all your boxes, except those bare essentials that you need for your final week.
  • Do laundry. Pack all the clothes you will not need until after the move.
  • Disassemble and pack computers, the home theatre system, fixtures, artwork, lawn furniture, grills, tools, files, etc.
  • Clean your home one last time – including the oven, refrigerator, pool, etc.

Day Before Moving

  • Confirm that telephone, utilities and Internet service has been activated at your new home.
  • Pad the corners and stairways of your home.
  • Lay down old rugs and sheets in the entry and hallways to protect floors.
  • Put all of these items in one place or in marked boxes so they do not get lost in the move:
    • keys to your new home
    • purse, wallet, checkbooks, traveler’s checks
    • car keys, sunglasses
    • map of your new town
    • directions to your new home
    • moving company’s telephone number
    • cash and traveler’s checks
    • documentation from the sale of your home
    • insurance policies and agent’s phone number
    • personal planner/calendar
    • prescriptions
    • over-the-counter medications; e.g. aspirin
    • back-up computer files
    • personal hygiene items
    • cold/flu medicines
    • medical equipment

Moving Day

  • Stop feeding your pet food four hours before it’s time to travel; provide water.
  • Separate the items that are going into the moving van from the items you will take in your car or on the plane.
  • Supervise the movers.
  • Walk through your home one last time to ensure that you have not forgotten anything. Look in cabinets, drawers and behind doors.
  • Walk through your home again to ensure that it is clean.
  • Hit the road!
  • When you arrive in your new home, show the movers where everything goes. Check everything to ensure that it arrived and is not damaged before you sign ANYTHING. Open boxes and check valuable items, such as artwork, silver, jewelry, etc.
  • Find your “getting settled boxes” and unpack them first.
  • Make sure your pet has food and water.
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